Traders appreciated Encrybit as "project of 2018", standing tall to build barrier free trading atmosphere

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  • Soft Cap

    $5.4 M
  • Hard Cap

    $32.4 M
  • Token cost

  • We accept

    BTC, ETH
  • Private Sale

    Closing 12/14/2018
  • Pre-Sale

    Starts 12/15/2018
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What is Encrybit?

Research based modern cryptocurrency exchange with an attractive UI and is fully equipped with a plethora of advanced features.


Encrybit provides users with extensive market research tools which include data analytics, trading strategies, trade signals, cryptocurrency news, social feeds and real-time coin announcements.


Encrybit developing transparent user policies with regards to the coin listing process, trading fee structure, airdrops and forks, so traders can anticipate how to deal with these events and take action to achieve the most favorable outcome.


Encrybit will initially be launched in English but will slowly be adapted to be fully supported by multiple language variants, which will include regional support teams. Immediate plans implements are in place to support Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French and Italian. New language support will be included depending on the number of users from a particular country.


Encrybit is the first cryptocurrency exchange with a modern trading platform that sets it apart from the traditional style of exchanges available in the current market. The Encrybit UI/UX promises a trading experience like no other.


Encrybit is adding popular technical analysis tools for traders to study & analyze market movements and price action accurately on a single platform. Encrybit trading platform will minimize the use of API’s to trade on third party paid platforms.


Encrybit is including ISO/IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 27001:2013 CSS (Cyber security standards) and CCSS (cryptocurrency security standards) for platform infrastructure. ISO/IEC 27001 specifies a management system to bring information security under management manifest control.


Market Research and Analysis

Encrybit R&D team is well organized to analyze cryptocurrency market and traders emotions about the cryptocurrency exchanges. To develop traders based exchange its important to point the traders challenges and expectation from the trading platform. Encrybit found the best way to identify the traders emotions and that was surveys. One of the most top successful surveys of cryptocurrency community.

Survey 1 - Cryptocurrency exchange problems and challenges []

This survey was organized to collect the valuable suggestions from traders regarding the problems they are facing while trading their assets on trading platforms. With response of over 1100+ participants Encrybit is considering the traders thoughts to create future of cryptocurrency exchange. survey timeline and insights.

  • 40%
    Traders are concerned about Security
  • 37%
    High trading fees
  • 36%
    Lack of liquidity
  • 33%
    Support is nightmare
  • 22%
    Lack of crypto pairs
  • 21%
    Concerned about user interface
  • 18%
    Concerned about high withdrawal fee

Survey 2 - Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation Survey 2018 Global Analysis & Insights []

Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation Survey was conducted among traders to collect exhaustive details on advanced trading features, personal preferences and expectation from exchanges . With massive response of 11k+ traders around the globe from 167 countries, Encrybit will be the first cryptocurrency exchange that will change the way of trading because its all based on the thought of traders survey timeline and insights.

  • 39%
    Prefer centralized, 35% decentralized, 18% hybrid, 8% dont have any thougts
  • 48%
    Perferred to trade on website, 38% on mobile app and 14% demands for desktop app
  • 62%
    Of traders said they trapped in false break out on exchange where 12% do not have any idea about false breakout
  • 55%
    Traders opted for absolute stop loss where 11% have no idea 12% said they dont use stop loss
  • 39%
    Said that Social trading and education blog can reduce trading difficulties
  • 70%
    Traders entering the trades based on Order books summary
  • 87%
    Traders are in favor of orders books to take short term position
  • 76%
    Traders said Social Trading is a plus for cryptocurrency exchanges
  • 69%
    Traders said paper trading is helpful to make strategy
  • 67%
    Traders keeping their trading records in excel or notebook to maintain statistics of their trades
  • 31%
    Traders are creating their position based on volume chart
  • 50%
    Traders are found to be from 25 to 34 age group

Glimpse of Encrybit Trading Platform

Encrybit Exchange Platform’s Enticing Features

    Social trading will allow traders to follow, share and copy the trading strategy of other traders on the platform.


    Advance version of order books facilitating the process to select best time to enter in trade for short term traders by availing in depth information of orders that is set for buy and sell.


    Utilizing smart alerts will allow traders to set notifications on price movements of coins at specific price levels, informing users through email and in-app notifications.


    Traders will be able to see profit and loss reports in BI (Business Intelligence) format, this will help them to make better trading strategies.


    Analyze the price movement in certain amount of time with technical indicators to make excellent entries into trades.


    Detail descriptions of your current orders, trade positions, portfolio data and ROI in both BTC and USDT values.


    Compare up to three different coins with each other with line chart utilizing Relative Strength Comparison tool.

  • NEWS

    Instant access to news and social media updates on all the coins on your watchlist.


    Join coin specific chat rooms where traders can share their thoughts, screenshots and ideas for any coin. Each coin have its own chat group.

  • Screenshot & Share

    Click photo of the trading screen and share it among social media or third party discussion portal. User can share it with Encrybit chat groups.


    Traders will be able to view and analyze multiple coins (up to 6) charts in the same window.


    Paper trading will allows traders to trade using dummy money on live data. It will help traders to test their trading strategies and allowing beginners to self educate about trading.


    Users will be able to set trailing stop losses on their trades allowing them to automatically adjust stop loss as price action moves higher or lower.


Exchange Prototype & Structure

Its all about a modern cryptocurrency exchange, designed considering what community have asked in our recent survey and traders review.
Note: We want to keep the UI and other aspects of designs private, users who are interested to review may schedule a meeting for screen sharing session on Skype or GoToMeeting. ETA for private review meetings is within a week from the submission.

Read Our Documents

We've documented all the aspects of exchange as well as ICO in following documents.

Encrybit Token - ENCX Introduction

The ENCX token administrate the operations of the Encrybit Ecosystem. Don't miss the opportunity to be the first crowd to to contribute in ENCX token sale.
Encrybit ICO token

ENCX is the key element of the Encrybit ecosystem, It will be utilized to administrate the exchange operations with multiple uses in various tasks and fees. ENCX will also determine the exchange revenue model with trading, coin listing, and various other activities.

We’ll be utilizing three important activities for increasing ENCX token demand:

  • One can utilize ENCX to encash a 50% discount on the trading fee.
  • 40% of coin listing fee will be charged in ENCX.
  • Every quarter Encrybit will utilize its 10% of total profit to buy back the ENCX from circulating supply. Burn process will be in action immediately after successful buyback every quarter.

There will be more activities and products Encrybit will launch which will be available for community utilizing ENCX.

Total supply is 270,000,000, circulating supply after the sale will be 172,800,000 and per ENCX price is $0.2. 60% of total supply is available for sale during Private, Pre and Public ICO.

Token & Fund Allocation

Let's Have a Look
Encrybit team is passionate about the project and here is how the token allocation will work and funds will be invested in different sectors for Encrybit exchange formation
  • Token
  • Token
  • Token
  • Token
  • Token
  • Token
  • Token
  • Token

Token Allocation

  • 50%Token for Sale
  • 2%Referral and Bounty
  • 2%Advisors
  • 11%Encrybit
  • 10%Founders
  • 10%Early Investors
  • 5%Team
  • 10%On-going development Funds
  • Allocation
  • Allocation
  • Allocation
  • Allocation
  • Allocation
  • Allocation

Fund Allocation

  • 30%Development
  • 25%Marketing
  • 15%Administrator and Support
  • 13%Security and Audit
  • 2%Legal
  • 15%Reserve
Token Allocation Token Allocation Token Allocation Token Allocation

Private Sale

Be the part of revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange
  • Name

    Encrybit Token

  • Identifier


  • Currencies Accpeted

    BTC, ETH

Private sale is live

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

We Accept


Discounts Applicable:

  • 20%
  • 24%
  • 30%
  • 40%
  • End Date

    December 14th 2018

  • Token Type


  • Total Available for Private Sale

    27,000,000 ENCX


We believe team always plays a major role to achieve success and we're committed for the same
  • Advisors

  • Encrybit Team

    Marcus Chaer

    Investor Relations

    Foreign Investment Manager - London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bank

  • Encrybit Team

    Derrick Liu

    Strategic Advisor

    Director and CEO - Alcott Liu CPA, Keyway Group

  • Encrybit Team

    Danny Ong

    Interational Sales Advisor

    Principal Advisor and Sales Director Asia Pacific - Telcos & Mobile Operator and IGOCALL LTD.

  • Encrybit Team

    David Hobbs

    Security Advisor

    Cyber Security Evanglist, APAC - Radware, Tempered Network

  • Encrybit Team

    Shawn Pride

    Security Advisor

    Principal Engineer, Tech Architect & Program Manager - Dell, Microsoft, Apex Systems

  • Encrybit Team

    Mauro Andriotto

    Financial Advisor

    Business Analyst, Financial Advisors to Top ICO Projects - Citi, European Commission,

  • Encrybit Team

    Sungho Kim

    Cloud Advisor

    PHD in Supercomputing development, Director - Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information

  • Team

  • Encrybit Team

    Jitendra Rajput

    Chief Executive Officer

    Network Engineer ISRO, TatvaSoft, System Admin, CEO & Founder - M-Connect Solutions, RiantSoft

  • Encrybit Team

    Yogesh Trivedi

    Chief Operating Officer

    Software, CRM, eCommerce Developer, CEO and Founder - M-Connect Solutions, M-Connect Media

  • Encrybit Team

    Fabrizio Cane

    Chief Technical Officer

    Software Engineer, Analyst, VP FX Market, Tech Lead - NYSE, Bloomberg, Citi,National Stock Exchange, Abbott

  • Encrybit Team

    Steve Hunter

    System/IT Administrator

    System Architect, IT Consultant, Application Manager - Oracle, UBS, Hewlett-Packard, Ikano Bank

  • Encrybit Team

    Tzuriel Kahlon

    IT Analyst

    Oracle Database Administrator - NESS, Amdocs, Cal

  • Encrybit Team

    Rajesh Vyas

    System Administrator

    System Admin - Ebay, PayPal, TransAmerica, Aurora Healthcare

  • Encrybit Team

    Joseph Petrov

    DBA - Database Administrator

    Database Consultant and Administrator - ITCE, HP, NHS, Euromoney, EY, Virgin media

  • Encrybit Team

    Manasse Serge

    Software/Blockchain Developer

    Specialist of DAPP & Application software development, Smart contract developer on Ethereum network

  • Encrybit Team

    John Anthony

    Software Developer

    Expert in Decentralized app development and software engineering, worked on well know Foundation project

  • Encrybit Team

    Asai Yuki

    Software Developer

    Exchange development expert, Smart contract and custom software engineering

  • Encrybit Team

    Toms Brown

    Frontend Developer

    Custom web application developer, expert in JavaScript, ReactJs, node.js

  • Encrybit Team

    Stanis Cras

    Lead UX/UI Designer

  • Encrybit Team

    Alberto Daniel Hill

    Information Security Expert

  • Encrybit Team

    Darshit Parmar

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Encrybit Team

    Monika Macwan

    Marketing Manager

  • Encrybit Team

    Jean Michel

    Business Development
  • Encrybit Team

    Ivan Mok

    Business Development
  • Encrybit Team

    Sean Henderson

    Social Media Specialist
  • Encrybit Team

    Quentin Herbrecht

    SME and Branding Strategist
  • Encrybit Team

    Jonny Blaker

    Communication Specialist
  • Encrybit Team

    Marco Di Maio

    Strategic Content Expert
  • Encrybit Team

    Aleksandr Patutkin

    Community Manager
  • Encrybit Team

    Jerusalem Trinidad

    Community Manager
  • Encrybit Team

    Pradeep Chaturvedi

    Chief Product Officer
  • Encrybit Team

    Milos Dinic

    Branding & Marketing Strategies
  • Encrybit Team

    Bryant Holland

    Bounty Manager
  • Encrybit Team

    Abhijeet Rajput

    Operations Lead
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Encrybit is a first research-based company, focused on developing a secure cryptocurrency exchange that doesn't compromise on agility or user-friendliness. Its revolutionary trading platform offers a streamlined experience for traders to research, analyze and trade with ease and insight.
Encrybit is a centralized exchange platform.
The main headquarter of Encrybit is located at Hong Kong.
Encrybit is developing its own trading platform including all necessary indicators required by professional traders.
The Encrybit team has in-depth experience in the Software industry (banking & trading) including handling and creating servers for clients. It has provided ground-breaking solutions based on all major platforms in its journey of more than 10 years. The main pillar is our research team which provides exhaustive market analysis of the proposed solutions. This, in turn, helps our developers to create future-proof software solutions that maintain dominance in this competitive market.
Today there are more than 100 cryptocurrency exchanges available and all have their USP, pros and cons. Each one of them doing best at their level. But the beauty of Encrybit exchange is that it is developed around the trader’s likes, dislikes and the features they desire to have in an exchange. In our team, most of the members are traders further categorized into long term investors, swing traders and day traders, which help us to build our exchange strictly around the traders’ perspective. Hence, our trading platform provides exactly what the trader’s community want to have in crypto exchange and that’s why we call our exchange as Trader’s exchange! We want the cryptocurrency trading to be easy and fun; at the same time, reduce the risks over profits.
Encrybit is backed up by M-Connect Solutions, a software development agency established in the year 2009. It is a software development company having expertise in banking and trading software. It has specific clients (trading software development companies) from Germany, USA, and India. They know the ins-outs of the forex exchange functionalities. They've technology, qualified resources (In-house), and experience to support the development and working of a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange.
At present, we are in the seed investment and private sale stage.
Yes, KYC is required to buy Encrybit Tokens (ENCX).
ERC20 Utility.
$0.2 USD.
The soft cap is at $5.4 million, while the hard cap is at $32.4 million.
Yes, we accept BTC and ETH.
The ENCX token is an ERC-20 Ethereum token. It has a total supply of 270 million tokens. 50% of total supply will be available for token sale. The token price at ICO will be $0.2.
If you participate in the private sale, you can avail discount up to 40%. For more details, kindly send us an email at
Yes, please reach out to us at
We appreciate your interest to contribute in our project. Please fill up the private sale form. Our team will reach out to you within 24 hours.
The ENCX tokens will be distributed within 45 days after the completion of ICO – Q1 2019.
The tokens will be distributed within 45 days after the completion of public ICO. The pre-sale and public sale tokens do not have any locking period but the private sale tokens will be locked for a certain period.
Yes, once we start the token distribution within 45 days after ICO completion, it will be transferred to your ERC20 wallet address. So, please make sure you share the correct one!
Sure, both traders and investors will be highly benefitted from the Encrybit project. Investors will get good returns for their investment amount and the traders will have a simplified and high on features trading platform to make the best out of their cryptocurrency trading.
The ENCX token is designed with a unique concept to increase its value among other cryptocurrencies. It is the heart of Encrybit trading platform and most of the transactions will involve ENCX tokens. Traders can enjoy a special discount if the trading fees are paid using ENCX tokens. Moreover, we’ll conduct various user-engagement activities/competitions and ENCX tokens will be one of the main cryptocurrency to distribute reward. 40% of coin listing fee will be charges in ENCX tokens. Furthermore, to increase the awareness about Encrybit and ENCX tokens, our marketing team has drafted decent marketing plans.
Roadmap mentioned on website ( and Exchange Whitepaper ( Please check!
That’s great! Sure, please go ahead and fill up the contact form. We will response within 24 hours.
The ICO pre-sale round is scheduled for December. At present, we are in the seed investment and private sale stage. Hence, the pre-sale related details will be released later. Kindly stay updated with our announcements.
The public sale of Encrybit tokens is about to commence in the Q1 2019. Stay tuned here in the Telegram group to get the latest updates.
Sure, the pre-ICO round might be there in December. To know the details, please keep a check on our Telegram updates. Or please drop us an email at Team will contact you at the time of the pre-sale.
Yes, you can earn free Encrybit tokens by taking participation in the Bounty, Airdrop and marketing campaign.
The research team at Encrybit is well-versed with the requirements for a cryptocurrency exchange. But to develop a platform in keeping with traders' needs, it is also crucial to collect their opinions and feedback about what they see as the future of crypto exchanges. The best way to gather opinions from traders from all over the world is to conduct an online survey. If we have views from more number of traders then it will help us in better decision making.
The first survey was taken by 1108 participants and the second survey has recorded responses more than our expectations. It is 10,003 participants.
Our very first survey was on Cryptocurrency Exchange Problems which inquired the traders on real-time problems faced at existing exchanges. The survey insights are listed on -,, View detail insights at
Our second survey was on Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation to deeply evaluate the advanced trading features of existing cryptocurrency exchanges and traders’ preferences regarding the same. The survey also intended to collect data based on traders’ background, so we can now about traders’ choices based on demographics. The survey insights are listed on -,, View detail insights at
Yes, of course, you can join us on Telegram at and
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