We're grateful and appreciate everyone who devoted their time on Encrybit. We've created a project that would have stand in market with unique concept and extraordinary team but it was a disastrous that the ICO launched and market collapsed. We've attended multiple meet-ups, conferences and personal meeting with investors but the same response everywhere that they see collapsing and can only invest in market where it reaches again from where it started dumping. Due to insufficient investment ICO didn't reached the soft cap.
After exploring each and every options we had, coming to a decision to take this project down as of now. It’s hard but truth. We're not committing anything from here but we'll continue pitch the investors privately and if anything comes out useful and profitable we'll start the project again.
This decision came in mind after lot of back and forth, its hard to accept but this is the climax of Encrybit.
I hope you guys will patiently understand and accepts it.
Best Regards and thank you.